New Corporate Image

We have gone a little further on this occasion: 

We have changed our brand strategy, our positioning, and “naming”. We wanted to be brave, to be enterprising with our public face once again. When you are involved with brand image, it is easy to look past your own. We don’t want that to happen to us. 

Firma were commissioned to audit and define the new strategy, positioning and naming. This Barcelona branding and advertising agency, run by Antòn Pinyol and Marc Lite, have guided us throughout the entire process to conceive and create the new name. We have worked alongside them from the outset of the project, to understand and select the current needs of our brand. 


We have been very tough on our old name and image.

  • The name was too long and generic.
  • Two different names were used for the national and international markets.
  • There was a general lack of knowledge of the company’s service portfolio.
  • There was the perception of an outdated image, which doesn’t fit with current times.
  • It didn’t communicate the real positioning.
  • Etc.…



We have identified our strong points:

  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Criteria
  • Commitment

It has been thrilling as well as surprising to take part in the entire process to create this new image. We placed all our confidence in the team of collaborators, assured by their utmost professionalism and rigor. These are two values that are increasingly valued and integrated into our own structure. They have driven, encouraged, corrected, and valued us through more than 10 months of work. 

We are very proud of the outcome, whilst surprised by the demands, efforts and bravery these types of changes require. We wanted to take another step forward in our long-term project. Here it is. From this moment onwards, a new phase begins for the company. A criterion, a commitment, and a way of doing things that many of you have already experienced, adapted to the future that we hope to share with you.