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Writing the first lines in the new Punto Consulting blog is the final result of a decision made more than 15 years ago. In this time we have transformed. We have gone forward without forgetting our industrial origin as specialists in the conception and manufacture of spaces for the point of sale. We have believed in and bet on a transformation towards a structure based on design and technique, focused on providing real, technological and functional solutions, and at the same time, emotional and memorable retail environments.


Increasingly focused on experience as the main motivation of any project, we always value the parity between aesthetics and technique, making the latter one of the strongest pillars in our structure.


We must be able to give a solution to everything we create. It seems simple, but you would be surprised to know how unusual this is in our environment.


With this blog we want to contribute to and generate a debate between professionals and experts, on topics related to experiences in the retail world. Give voice to our experience and that of the rest of the people that live daily with point-of-sale projects. Share challenges, achievements and failures in a common platform to continue learning.


I invite you to follow this new Punto Consulting space and to build this project with our team.




Adrià Blanc | Punto Consulting CEO

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