How to use technological supports in the luxury environment 

All brands value the possibility of introducing supports and technological devices in their points of sale. The challenge arises when you must introduce the appearance of the technological element in a luxury environment. The aesthetics of technological luxury often do not coincide with the luxury that many of our clients value in sectors such as cosmetics or perfumery. This is when the challenge becomes evident:

– How do I place a 52 “screen in a product line, next to some beautiful fragrance bars, and carefully considered merchandising?

– How do I complement these elements and make the message more visible?

– How do I get technology to become something friendly, useful and luxurious in a luxury retail environment?

The content will come later. Today’s technology allows us countless applications and interactions that can satisfy the customer, but we will not maximise those possibilities if we do not bring this technology in the form of hardware to the eye, ear and hand of the person who has decided to enter the point of sale.

We are hardly surprised with something technologically new. We are all up to date with the best technology, and many of us carry it in our pocket in the form of a device or application. For this reason perhaps, the real challenge is to integrate technology without creating any distraction. We must consider it as we would a texture, a material or good lighting. This is one more element to rethink in each proposal, and a new excuse to surprise our customers.


Adrià Blanc | Punto Consulting CEO

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