PuntoConsulting is a partner for the point of sales experience and has been providing comprehensive design and production services since 1985. From our offices in both Madrid and Barcelona, we can produce projects for any point of sales setting. We are involved throughout the process, providing creative ideas, technical solutions and production, right up to implementation phase.

We work with leading international brands in the cosmetics, perfume, watches, footwear and jewellery sectors, as well as high volume consumer goods in general. Our team is comprised of over 25 professionals who are committed to create unique experiences that help to build brands, and raise our customer’s profile and sales.


• Creativity: We have a team of 12 designers who have innovative,
   youthful ideas, which are stylish and tasteful.

• Criteria: A method of consulting. A philosophy. A way of working allied
   to over 25 years of experience.

• Independence: Internal, outsourced and mixed production. Internal
   teams and occasional collaborators. More options. More flexibility.
   Better prices.

• Commitment: Loyalty. Rigour. Transparency.


• A team of 12
• The facility: 1,562m2
• 312 m2 studio - offices
• 1,250 m2 workshop - warehouse

• A team of 17
• The facility: 436 m2
• 166 m2 studio - offices
• 270 m2 workshop - warehouse


manufacturing area

warehouse area